Ruby and the Secrets of Relaxation

Book description

Introducing Ruby and the Secrets of Relaxation, a heartwarming children’s book showing young readers that relaxation can be easy and fun! Through guidance given by her mother, Ruby learns how to relax effectively. Her mother’s methods help her calm down and feel more relaxed when anxious.

In this illustrated tale, Ruby’s story becomes a lesson for children and parents alike. Ruby and the Secrets of Relaxation aims to help kids calm down, reduce tension, and handle stress and anxiety in a fun and engaging way. We hope that embedding these principles in the story will enable parents to introduce and implement them more easily with their children. The principles described in this book are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dr. Jonathan Kushnir’s years of experience working with children and their families.


Yoel Elizur
Associate professor and Head of the Clinical Child & Educational Psychology Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A story that is very useful for teaching relaxation to young kids. It is engaging and well illustrated. Adults will enjoy telling it and children will be moved to try and learn the art and practice of progressive relaxation.

Dr. Michael Zivor , Clinical Psychologist , North West London , NHS. UK

Another wonderful book by Dr. Kushnir. The strategies are great for kids and parents alike. This book will definitely be recommends to my patients who struggle with anxiety and stress.