Benny Learns to Say Goodbye

Book description

Overcoming separation anxiety is what this book is all about.

Benny Learns to Say Goodbye introduces a unique roadmap.

For parents: Simple strategies based on Cognitive Behavioral

Therapy principles.

For kids: It is a humorous and intriguing story that illustrates how

children can overcome separation anxiety with their parents’ help.

This book tells Benny and his parents’ story and how they worked together in beating Benny’s fear of separation. The journey was not easy, and along the way, they had to overcome one challenge after another until they finally succeeded. Today Benny can easily say goodbye to his parents. His independence has increased significantly, and he can do many things he avoided before. His parents are no longer worried, and the family relationship is vastly improved.


Dr. Michael Zivor, Clinical Psychologist, St Mary’s Hospital, London

Another Wonderful book in this Series written by Dr. Kushnir. A friendly and helpful self help book for parents wanting to help their child overcoming fear of separation . The Book is based on evidence based CBT approach for anxiety problems. I bought the book for my clinic and highly recommend it to my clients.

Yoel Elizur Associate professor and Head of the Clinical Child & Educational Psychology Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A lovely book, I just read it and immediately thought of parents and children who could benefit from the book. The story is well written, the illustrations are eye-catching and the book as a whole is valuable for any therapist who works with children and is of course suitable for parents and children themselves. Recommend to everyone.